I am a tech guy. Nerd. Always after the latest. I had among the first home computers that were available. This is also my work and been a major part of my career.

I am also a traveller. This have also been the other part of my working career. Right now I have both, working with computers and helping a friend with a travel agency. Perfect!

My other Hobbies



Mavic Pro

Incredible machine. And now it is even a few years old. I don´t get the time to fly as much as I´d like to. I want to get to new amazing places. 



Nikon Coolpix P1000

A new hobby. My first REAL camera. And WOW...what a camera! Superzoom. Amazing. I hope to learn to take really good pictures. Maybe I´ll take some lessons.



Wilson Clubs

Started playing in my 30´s. Haven´t really improved since. Still handicap 21. But the intention is there, and now I found some new friends which makes it possible to go abroad and play. And THAT is FUN.